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System requirements and launcher installation

    1. To run TrainDriver 2 64-bit Windows version is required. Check your system version. If you use 32-bit version for any reason, only possibility is installing Windows from 64-bit media (in several cases purchasing new computer).
    2. DownloadLauncher here
    3. Open this file. If you see UAC alert, click Yes and type your admin password, if it is required.
    4. Installer will show up. Accept welcome screen and license agreement, select install location and start the installation.
    5. File:Installer1.png
      Powyższa operacja rozpakuje do wybranego katalogu aplikację umożliwiającą uruchomienie symulatora.
    6. Wait for setup completion and run the launcher.

    Installation process

    • This setup is completed on fresh install of Windows 10
    • System uses default "Microsoft Defender" anti-malware
    • If something is not working, check is solution explained: >>>HERE<<<.

    1. Double click on Launcher program (it should be on desktop or in start menu) and wait for this alert:
    2. File:Launcher-info.PNG
    3. Click YES, next wait until program will initialize
    4. NOTICE: if your computer is slow, it can take load of seconds! Do not start launcher multiple times.
    5. After starting, login window will show up, enter your credentials - the same like to forum, if you don't have account, register now.
    6. File:Lancher - login panel.png
    7. Now the program is ready to download simulator.
    8. File:Launcher - welcome screen.png    
    9. To download files, click the file manager icon
    10. File:Launcher - version manager icon.png File:Launcher - version manager main window.png
    11. Frame nr 1 - list of avaliable versions of simulator, click latest one
    12. Ramka nr 2 - status of the version - important information Download: No
    13. Click Download button and wait for Ready information on the progress bar.
    14. Click the version number again w in frame nr 1. Status in frame nr 2 Download will be changed to Yes
    15. File:Launcher - version mamanger - done.png

      Symulator został poprawnie zainstalowany, możesz nacisnąć "Graj" i rozpocząć korzystanie z niego.