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Welcome to the TrainDriver2 Wiki - here you can find instructions, tips and guides for learning and understanding how to use the different game modes of the simulator.

Current version: 2020.1.1 released on 09.11.2020, Installation instructions

Game Information

  • Rolling stock - List of wagons and engines available in the simulator.
  • Sceneries - List of sceneries delivered in the main simulator package.
  • Key bindings - Description on the keybindings used in the simulator.
  • Ranks - List of ranks used in multiplayer.

Railway Instructions

  • Railway instructions - Information on regulations regarding signals and traffic operation on the PKP PLK train network.



Creating new Sceneries


  • Launcher - Manual for using the Launcher
  • SCS - Comprehensive manual on using the Simulation Control Center (SCS).
  • SPK - Comprehensive manual on using the SPK
  • SWDR4 - Comprehensive manual for using the SWDR4

Tutorials on the forum