Distant signals (light type)

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Distant signal - signalling equipment used to inform the driver about the aspect that the next signal is displaying, so that he can adjust train speed or stop the train before the signal. Distant signals are used in advance of entry signals to the station, except on SBL equipped lines. They are also used before Semi - automatic signals on the intermediate signal box. Distant signals are placed at least in braking distance in advance of the signal.

Light type distant signal

Distant signals look like normal signals, but their mast is of a grey colour. On top of the mast there is a head with one or two lights assembled in vertical line. The light can in one of the two arrangements: single yellow or green light on the top and yellow on the bottom . If distant signal only has yellow light mounted on it, that means the signal in advance can display either a stop or proceed at reduced speed aspect.

Aspects used on distant signals Aspects in use until revoked
Os1 Os2 Os3 Os4 Os3
Wygaszony góra.svg
Pomarańczowe dół ciągłe.svg
Podstawa to.svg
Zielony góra ciągły.svg
Wygaszony dół.svg
Podstawa to.svg
Zielony góra migający.svg
Wygaszony dół.svg
Podstawa to.svg
Wygaszony góra.svg
Pomarańczowe dół migające.svg
Podstawa to.svg
Pomarańczowe góra ciągłe.svg
Wygaszony środek.svg
Zielony dół ciągły.svg
Podstawa to.svg
Stop vmax 100km/h 40/60 km/h reduced
W 1 Wskaźnik usytuowania.svg Every distant signal is placed with a W1 sign. This sign is either mounted on lower part of the mast or is placed in front of the signal.
caption W18 On SBL equipped lines last automatic signal before entry signal to the station has a W18 sign on its mast.