Level crossing distant signals

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This page is a translated version of the page Tarcze przejazdowe and the translation is 100% complete.
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Special kind of distant signal is "Crossing distance signal"(Tarcza ostrzegawcza przejazdowa), what warns driver about level crossing state (working, malfunction, disabled). These signals have black-white striped slopes, on which is placed rounded triangual frame with L-shaped lights: two white vertical(crossing devices OK) and underneath two orange horizonal(crossing malfunction). Signal is blank if train is not approaching. If is, driver have to slow down to 20 kph before level crossing and be aware of obstacles. After passing through crossing by the train head, driver can speed up to allowed speed.

Osp1 Osp2
PKP-Osp1-small.svg PKP-Osp2-small.svg
do 20 km/h Vmax
W 1 Wskaźnik usytuowania.svg All signals have additionally W1 sign. It's placed directly before or low on slope of the signal.