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* [https://td2.info.pl/porady-rozwiazania/siec-trakcyjna-poradnik-tom-ii/ Creating realistic catenary Part 2] - The second part of a guide showing how to build realistic catenary.
* [https://td2.info.pl/porady-rozwiazania/siec-trakcyjna-poradnik-tom-ii/ Creating realistic catenary Part 2] - The second part of a guide showing how to build realistic catenary.
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* [https://td2.info.pl/index.php/topic,1545.msg21862.html#msg21862 Guidelines for the insertion of WE indicators ] - examples of insertion of WE indicators and markers for overhead contact lines.
== Software ==
* [https://td2.info.pl/porady-rozwiazania/ryglowanie-zwrotnic-z-czym-to-sie-je-robocza/ Facing point lock points]
* [https://td2.info.pl/index.php/topic,616.0.html Links] - helpful pages in the scenery building process. List of external pages and tools helpful in scenery building.
* [[Special:MyLanguage/Scenery_format|Description of *.sc file format]] - basic description of *.sc file format.
* [[Special:MyLanguage/Obliczenia_z_zakresu_projektowania_układu_torowego|Calculations in track layout design]] - selected calculations in track layout design for the simulator.
* [https://nitro.td2.info.pl/pomocnik/ Scenery helper] - a set of external tools to help create new scenery.
* [[Special:MyLanguage/Klawiszologia#Edytor|Keyboard shortcuts in the editor]] - keyboard shortcuts in the editor.
* [https://wiki.td2.info.pl/index.php?title=Zasady_zabudowy_i_obsługi_manipulatora_PS12_i_SSP Tutorial of installation and operation of the PS12 and SSP manipulator]
* [https://wiki.td2.info.pl/index.php?title=Tworzenie_scenerii Creating sceneries] - a collection of tutorials on building your own sceneries
* [https://td2.info.pl/dyskusje/dokumentacja-kolejowa/ Railway documentation] - helpful documentation for building scenery.
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Welcome to the TrainDriver2 Wiki - here you can find instructions, tips and guides for learning and understanding how to use the different game modes of the simulator.

Current version: 2020.1.1 released on 09.11.2020, Installation instructions

Game Information

  • Rolling stock - List of wagons and engines available in the simulator.
  • Sceneries - List of sceneries delivered in the main simulator package.
  • Key bindings - Description on the keybindings used in the simulator.
  • Ranks - List of ranks used in multiplayer.

Railway Instructions

  • Railway instructions - Information on regulations regarding signals and traffic operation on the PKP PLK train network.



Creating new Sceneries

  • Launcher - Manual for using the Launcher
  • SCS - Comprehensive manual on using the Simulation Control Center (SCS).
  • SPK - Comprehensive manual on using the SPK
  • SWDR4 - Comprehensive manual for using the SWDR4

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