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Welcome to the TrainDriver2 Wiki - a place where you can find instructions, tips and guides for learning and understanding how to use the different game modes of the simulator.

Current version: 2022.2.1 released on December 31st, 2022, Installation instructions

Game Information

  • FAQ - list of questions and answers concerning various aspects of the TrainDriver2 project
  • Rolling stock - list of rolling stock available in the simulator.
  • Sceneries - list of scenery available to run on the PL1 simulator server.
  • Communication - list of commands that can be used during gameplay.
  • Keyboardology - description of the keys used in the simulator and their functions.
  • Levels - list of levels in multiplayer mode.
  • The most frequently used phrases - list of frequently used words and phrases during the game - polyglot.
  • Simulator settings - description of the different settings available in the simulator.

Railway instructions



Creation of new sceneries


Tutorials on the forum